How Cosmetic Surgery is Proving Popular Among UK Consumers

How Cosmetic Surgery is Proving Popular Among UK Consumers

Cosmetic surgery procedures are progressing apace and there are now more treatments available for consumers to choose from than ever before. Individuals can invest in anything from simple dermal fillers to liposuction, breast enhancements and much more.

New figures show just how keen Britons are to take advantage of the various treatments on offer. According to research, the number of cosmetic operations performed last year in the UK was up by 17 per cent on the previous 12-month period. Meanwhile, not even one type of procedure decreased in popularity.

Facts and figures

For example, breast surgery increased by 12 per cent last year compared with 2016, while liposuction procedures jumped by 41 per cent. Research specialists also noted that the total number of procedures climbed above 200,000,000 for the year.

Anti-ageing procedures are also proving popular among consumers.  Eyelid surgery was up by 14 per cent, while face and neck lifts increased by 13 per cent. Meanwhile, fat transfer procedures rose by 15 per cent.

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Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise

More and more cosmetic dentistry practices are arising in order to aid the huge demand for people to have the ‘perfect smile’. Cosmetic dentistry will also help to prevent diseases as your dentist can only begin work until issues are sorted and treated.

Cosmetic dentistry consists of many treatments including veneers, smile makeovers and teeth whitening. Did you know there is such a thing as a veneer trial smile? See this website to read the experience of patients who have tried this.

Men opting for surgery too

Traditionally, many cosmetic procedures were targeted at women, but men are increasingly investing in the treatments too.

Male surgery numbers increased by 16 per cent overall and men accounted for almost one in ten procedures in 2017. The most popular procedures among male clients were those involving body contouring. For example, liposuction was up by 28 per cent and gynaecomastia treatments rose by 24 per cent.

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A confidence boost

There are lots of reasons why people opt to have cosmetic surgery. In many cases, consumers invest in the treatments in a bid to boost their confidence. Unlike in past times, individuals do not have to simply put up with the parts of their bodies that they are unhappy with.

By choosing suitable treatments, they can address any features they considered to be undesirable and, in so doing, they stand to raise their levels of self-esteem.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the range of treatments on offer can head online to source the information they need. Once they know what they want, they can contact expert clinics for more detailed advice and guidance.

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