Dental Implants

Should I get same-day implants instead of a dental appliance then?

If you have the money and you are prepared for the six month recovery period, you would certainly do better to invest in an implant or two, rather than a dental device. Implants are more durable, they don’t need as much upkeep, and they work by creating a fully-functioning tooth, rather than just a synthetic replacement.

Of course, dentures and bridges do have their uses, and top-quality appliances can last a long time in great condition, but they are not bonded to the tissue, and they can’t adapt to the changing shape of the jaw as the patient ages, so they will eventually have to be adjusted or remade.

One thing that does put some people off getting implants is the price; because they are so successful and hard-wearing, they are very popular in the world of dentistry, and consequently, they are more expensive than the alternatives. However, there are finance plans available that could help you pay for treatment like this if money is an issue for you.

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