Can my Failed Dental Implant be Replaced?

Can my Failed Dental Implant be Replaced?

A Minor Setback Won’t Prevent You from Getting Your Smile

Although dental implants have become a popular solution for replacing missing teeth, an implant is still at risk of failing. Dental implants have a success rate of 98% however, there can be many factors why an implant has failed to set inside your mouth.

“Failed implants shouldn’t be ignored. Inflammation can stem from the implant and cause extreme discomfort.”

If your dental implant has failed, you shouldn’t be put off from attempting to rectify the problem by replacing it. Dental implants can be replaced. However, it is critical that you seek the right dentist and ensure that they’ll properly assess and evaluate what went wrong.

If I took appropriate care of my implant, why did it fail?

Dental oral hygiene is vital in maintaining and improving the chances of your implant from being successful. But some implants can be set to fail from the get-go if the treatment plan was incorrect.

“For a dental implant, make sure you use a dentist that thoroughly assesses your jaw and teeth before proceeding with the treatment.”

There are various factors why a dental implant may fail even if you’ve taken good care of it. The quality of your bone and jaw bone density can be the causes of an implant failing.

A dental implant isn’t immune to falling out and can still be at risk. If your dental implant has failed, there are multiple solutions for replacing it. Cosmetic surgery remains a viable, and a worth-while plan in enhancing yourself.